2019 in Retrograde

If you believe in astrology (many do, when it suits them), it seemed that 2019 could be defined by mercury perpetually being in retrograde.  This implies going backward and in astrological circles, a motion that triggers a cycle of misfortune.

From the president and his dubious exploits on down, nationally we have certainly seen collective backpedaling. But that’s a whole other story. On a more personal level, it was a year that seemed to move simultaneously forward and backward. I cannot say that either force overtook the other. I had some really great things happen, namely the health of some family members and the continuation of strong relationships. But it also seemed as if 2019 was neither a year of significant self-improvement nor major accomplishments. The same can be said of work. Lots of push and pull, including for the first time in a while the departure of a handful of people who were founding members of the team. This was balanced by the addition of some key and influential newcomers. The work itself, highlighted by some brilliant campaigns, felt leveled out by the typical unchanged, cyclical repetition. Even as the new blood instilled some needed life into the team and processes, the promise of new ownership at the beginning of the year and the assumed inevitable surge in new clients and projects simply didn’t happen, tugging back on whatever progress we seemed to make with existing clients.

A new year should feel new, after all.

Being in retrograde signifies times of confusion and frustration, but it’s also a good time to reflect. I’m glad for the end of 2019’s spinning standstill and I look forward to taking big leaps in 2020.

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